What is Dmart Celebrate Independence Day Bonuses Offer?

Dmart Celebrate Independence Day Bonuses Offer; In social media a viral post is trends by the name of Dmart Celebrate Independence Day Bonuses. Check the reality of the link & get all the answers here only. Have you received the message & wants to check the reality?

Well this viral message may have already reached to the millions of the users till now. This post is answers to all if you question related to;

  • What is Dmart Celebrate Independence Day Bonuses?
  • Is it real or fake?
  • How to claim the offer?

What is Dmart Celebrate Independence Day Bonuses offer?

Well the widely spread viral offer which you might have come across called D mart Celebrate Independence Day‘s Bonus offer for 2023. This news is spreading viral specially in Whatsapp messaging app.

Moreover few user has raised the query that, the Dmart ready celebrate Independence Day offer message received on Instagram as well.

Is it Fake or Real?

Well officialy Dmart supermarket has not disclosed any official statement regarding the viral message. Their official website Dmartindia.com & Dmar ready website Dmart.in provide no information about the message yet.

So far their social media accounts has not shared any information as well. So it seems to be a fake message that is spreading in the social media.

Details About D mart Celebrate Independence Day Bonuses offer

So if you have received the message, you know what that message says, but if you not received the message yet & curious to know the details read on.

Dmart Bonus Independence Day Message

The message line is “Your prize is: 6000 Rupee, follow the instructions on the next page to claim your prize”. it continues “Share with 5 groups/20 friends on the following apps”. The message open a survey & ask details to claim the offers.

So this is the main reason why this message went viral today.

Our Recommendations; Message is Fake

The message seems to be a fake & spam message, the main purpose of the scammer to collect the data of the users.

So you should avoid this type of message & always believe on the official website only.


What is Dmart Independence Day Bonus Offer?

This offer is providing Rs.6000 rupees.

Is the Dmart Bonus Independence Day offer real or fake?

As per our finding the offers is fake & not real in nature.


The offer is fake as per our observation & users are recommended not to spread the message. Check the Dmart Independence Day Offer for the 15 August 2023 for shopping. Moreover Tata Croma Independence Sale 2023 is live now.