Exclusive Offers- Dmart Holi Sale Offer 2024 List

Are you searching for the details about Dmart Holi Sale Offer 2024? As Dmart publishes very few details about their shopping offers & discounts you may not get the offer list over the internet. Don’t worry we have visited the store & sharing with you the list of which they are running for the Holi Festival 2024 in a store near you.

offers are valid all over the stores & for online shopping as well.

What is Dmart Holi Sale Offer 2024?

CategoriesHoli Sale Offer
Dmart Holi Grocery OfferBuy 1 Get 1 over 500 products
D mart Holi Cold Drinks OfferSave Rs.50 on 2 Ltr. bottle
D-mart Holi Home & Kitchen OffersFlat 60% Off
DMart Holi Fashion OfferStarts at Rs.99 only

Holi is celebrated in all the parts & regions of India. During this festival season, people love to shop from their favorite retailer Avenue Supermarkets. This shopping festival that will be celebrated on 25th March 2024 this year is a big occasion for retailers.

All the retailers Big Bazaar, Smart Bazaar, and Smart Point leverage this occasion & offer various offers & discounts.

Dmart Holi Sale Offer 2024Details
Retailer NameD mart
Promo NameHoli Sale 2024
Start Date1st March 2024
Ends Date25th March 2024

Dmart Holi Sale Offer List 2024

Below is the list of offers they run during the Holi occasion. Color Gulal, Holi Colour, Gujiya & Thandai are the main attractions for this event. Below is the complete list of offers for this Holi season 2024.

Dmart holi sale offer 1

Holi Color & Holi Gun Sale 2024 Offer

Holi Sale Product in Dmart Mrp Offer Price
Anmol Toys Holi Pichkari – 500 ml (14 Inches) : 1 Unit14579
Anmol Toys Holi Pichkari – 6 Inches : 1 Unit5029
Anmol Toys Holi Pichkari No.07 : 1 Unit13579
Anmol Toys Holi Water Gun – 500 ml : 1 Unit335179
Holi Water Gun 35 : 1 Unit200179
Star Toys Holi Water Pichkari 70cm – Frozen : 280 ml17675
Star Toys Holi Water Pichkari 70cm – Spiderman : 280 ml17675
Rangeela – Non Toxic Holi Ke Rang (Colour) : 240 gms160109

Dmart Offers Today 2024 Holi Sale

Regarding the D mart Holi sale offer below is the product price list for your reference. These offers are valid all across the stores in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Bengaluru & other major cities in India.

You can always check the offer price from their online shopping app & website.

Dmart Holi Sale Offer 2024 on Grocery ItemsMrpHoli Sale Price
Chheda’s Golden Potato Chips – Lightly Salted : 170 gms8550
Guruji Kesaria Thandai : 1 Litre550449
Haldiram’s Rasgulla : 1 kg225179
Rangeela – Non Toxic Holi Ke Rang (Colour) : 240 gms160109
Holi Water Gun 35 : 1 Unit200179
Lay’s American Style Cream & Onion : 90 gms5033
Doritos Nacho Cheese Flavour : 153 gms9061
Chheda’s Mix Farsan : 500 gms18090
Bikaji Soya Sticks : 200 gms8040
Thums Up Bottle : 8×250 ml160130
Sprite : 8×250 ml160144
Haldiram’s Thandai : 750 ml380299
Kokan Gem Kokam Syrup : 1 Litre18090
Konkan Amrutam Kokam Syrup : 1 Litre17085
Red Bull Pack : 6×250 ml700579
Anmol Toys Holi Pichkari – 500 ml (14 Inches) : 1 Unit14579
Moments Falooda Mix Kesar : 200 gms8040
Anmol Toys Holi Pichkari – 6 Inches : 1 Unit5029
Et-Mi Falooda Mix Kesar Flavour : 200 gms7537
Coconut : 1 Unit4029
Fresh Banana (Kela) Elaichi : 6 Pieces8059
Amul Masti Dahi : 400 gms4441
ProV Select California Almonds : 1 kg1349585
Anmol Toys Holi Pichkari No.07 : 1 Unit13579
Nutraj Chilean Walnuts : 1 kg999519
Nutraj Cashews : 500 gms699379
Keshar Premium Natural Jaggery Jar : 900 gms10095
Anmol Toys Holi Water Gun – 500 ml : 1 Unit335179
Pitambari Ruchiyana Jaggery Powder – Chemical Free : 500 gms8040
Star Toys Holi Water Pichkari 70cm – Frozen : 280 ml17675
Star Toys Holi Water Pichkari 70cm – Spiderman : 280 ml17675
Pringles Potato Chips – Sour Cream & Onion : 107 gms11595
Chheda’s Golden Potato Chips – Lightly Salted : 170 gms8550
Rajam Snacks Yellow Banana Chips : 300 gms159124
Chheda’s Long Masala Banana Chips : 170 gms8555
Lay’s India’s Magic Masala Potato Chips : 90 gms5038
Chheda’s Salt-N-Pepper Banana Chips : 170 gms7550
Pringles Potato Chips – Original : 107 gms11599
Pringles Potato Chips – Peri Peri : 107 gms11599
Chheda’s Bhel Mix : 500 gms15085
Chheda’s Tomato Banana Chips : 170 gms7545
Kurkure Puffcorn Yummy Cheese : 55 gms2017
Balaji Wafers Masala Masti : 150 gms4036
Balaji Cream & Onion Wafers : 135 gms4035
Pringles Potato Chips – Desi Masala Tadka : 107 gms11599
Lay’s Hot ‘N’ Sweet Chilli Potato Chips : 73 gms3027
Garden Potato Chips – Premium Salted : 170 gms8560
Lay’s Wafer Style Potato Chips – Sundried Chilli : 48 gms2016
Balaji Wafers Simply Salted : 150 gms4036
Lay’s Spanish Tomato Tango Potato Chips : 90 gms5042
Lay’s Classic Salted Potato Chips : 90 gms5042
Lay’s Wafer Style Potato Chips – Salt With Pepper : 48 gms2017
Cornitos Nacho Crisps – Cheese & Herbs : 150 gms9060
Lays Potato Chips – Sizzlin Hot : 48 gms2018
Tastilo Cheesy Crispy Nacho Chips : 150 gms9045
Cornitos Nacho Crisps- Sizzlin Jalapeno : 150 gms9060
Bingo Mad Angles Achaari Masti : 130 gms5035
Balaji Tomato Flavour Potato Wafers : 135 gms4036
Tastilo Spicy Jalapeno Nacho Chips : 150 gms9045
Bingo Chilli Sprinkled Potato Chips : 90 gms5035
Doritos Nacho Cheese Flavour Chips : 82.5 gms5035
Tastilo Nacho Chips – Cheesy Crispy : 60 gms4020
Tastilo Nacho Chips – Peri Peri : 60 gms4020

Dmart Online Shopping Offers on Holi

Since the Big Bazaar stores closed last year, D’mart has become the no.1 shopping destination for grocery lovers & discounter lovers. If you are looking for the best & cheapest grocery shopping in your city, you may locate the nearest store from the list.

Dmart online offers Holi

Dmart Holi Sale Offer 2024 is live now, you can either visit the store or shop online.

Is D mart open on Holi 2024?

This is the question that was asked by our readers, Well as all the retailers follow the late opening during this Holi event D mart does the same. Their grocery stores remain open during the festival with late opening hours.

D mart Timing for Holi 2024Details
Opening Time on Holi 25 March 20243 PM
Closing time on Holi 25 March 202410 PM

Dmart Vs Reliance Smart Bazaar Offers

Reliance Smart Bazaar is the new grocery store format from Reliance Retail Ltd. These grocery supermarket stores are giving tough competition to D mart grocery stores in various cities. As of now, the stores are fully operational in a city near you.

Where Dmart is an old player in the grocery shopping market & started online shopping in various cities as well, Smart Bazaar is a new store format from Reliance Retail.

The advantage of shopping from the Reliance Smart Bazaar stores is their strong product line & various cashback offers. Most of the time they are offering cashback & loyalty points to their customers.

When does the Dmart Holi sale 2024 start?

The sale starts from 1st March 2024 to 25th March 2024.

Is there any offer in Dmart during Holi?

Yes, they are running huge discounts on Holi special products, visit the store for more details or check the prices are given in the table above.

Is Dmart open on Holi 25th March 2024?

Yes, the store remains open with late opening hours which is 3 PM.

When does Dmart open during the Holi event?

The opening time during Holi is 3 PM.


Be it daily grocery shopping or monthly grocery shopping Dmart supermarket is the best option. Dmart has extended their discounts specially for the Holi festival this year which is celebrated on 25th March 2024.