Dmart Return Policy Dmart Exchange Policy Full Explained in Details

Last week when I wanted to return products to Dmart. I searched for Dmart Return Policy & Dmart Refund Policy but didn’t find details at once. So if you are searching for the same I can understand the discomfort.

But you do not need to worry about it, I have done complete research & visited the store several times.

You can find all the details about the Return and refund policy here.

What is Dmart Return Policy?

Dmart has a 7-day return policy.

Dmart Store Return Policy 2024 Details

so if you are wondering can we return product in Dmart store? Answer is Yes. You can easily return the products you have shopping for from the store.

Shopping is an exhausting process while you are in a hurry we may purchase products that we later might regret or some products have different kinds of defects so we want to return or Refund those products.

Dmart Sale return policy displayed at store entrance
dmart offline store exchange policy

Below is the complete Return & refund policy of Dmart, which is also applied to Dmart’s Return & refund policy for Dmart Ready.

In any case, if you feel unsatisfied or not convincing you may refer to the Dmart Return Policy. D mart always has a ” No question asked policy for their customers.”

Return Policy Details

  • The original receipt must be accompanied by the products.
  • Return timings are 10 AM to 10 PM daily.
  • All products must be in original packaging.
  • Products must be in sellable condition.
  • If the purchase is done with a Credit or Debit card 1% deduction will be done.
  • Return must be initiated within 7 days of the purchase made.
  • The d mart return policy time is 7 days from date of purchase.

What is Dmart Refund Policy for Store?

Dmart refund policy states that returns and refunds can be received on the same payment mode that was performed during the shopping.

Refunds for products that were purchased online using Debit Cards/Credit Cards/Internet Banking will be credited back to the respective account.

Refunds for products purchased through Cash on Delivery (Cash) will be made in cash only.

Product Quality-related policy for Dmart Return/Refund

  • Customers should contact the Customer Care number of Dmart Ready.
  • Customers can also contact the customer care of the manufacturer/marketer of the product.
  • Customer care number details or the respective manufacturer/marketer are available in the packaging of the product.

Dmart Return Policy for Dmart Ready Online

If any products are purchased from Dmart Ready App or the Dmart Ready online site they can be returned for a refund at the Dmart Ready store (Pickup Points only) within 7 days of purchase.

  • The original invoice needs to be shown as proof of purchase.
  • The products purchased are accompanied by the original invoice of purchase.
  • The purchased products are intact and in a saleable condition for return.
  • The purchased products have not been altered or used & reusable.

How To Return Product in Dmart Store?

You can follow the below easy steps to return products purchased from Dmart stores.

  • Step 1- Visit the store & contact the customer care dept.
  • Step 2- Show the original Invoice and product.
  • Step 3- Return the products & receive the Refund.

What is the Dmart Exchange Policy?

Dmart doesn’t provide exchanges, it only provides a refund of the products.

So always remember that a refund is the only solution whenever you have any product-related issue.

List of the products that can’t be returned

  • Food Items,
  • Vegetables,
  • Fruits,
  • Flowers
  • Undergarments
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Socks
  • Cosmetics products
  • Items purchased in Bulk quantities
  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Dahi
  • Milk
  • Decoration lights
  • Gift Packs


  • Dmart Ready doesn’t provide an exchange of products, Products either can be Returned or Refunded only.
  • Products purchased online ( or Dmart Ready App) can’t be returned at Dmart Offline Store (DMart Physical store). Those products can be returned only at Dmart Ready Store (Dmart Pickup Points)

What is D mart Clothes Exchange Policy?

During the exchange process, I got to know that they have the same 7-day return policy for clothes as well.

Being a clothing store D-mart always encourages its customers to shop more & save more. Their customer-friendly clothes exchange policy encourages people to shop without worrying about the return.

So below are the main points that one should keep in mind for returning products & read carefully for understanding d mart return policy.

  • All clothing & fashion products must be returned within 7 days of purchase made.
  • Original receipt must be produced during the clothing return process.
  • The product must not be altered or worn.
  • All set-based products must be returned in original packaging only.
  • For hygiene purposes, undergarments are not returnable products.

How to register a complaint with Dmart Customer Care for Quality-Related Issue

D’mart Customer care is available 24*7, customer can contact Dmart customer in various ways as suggested below:

1-Call Dmart customer care helpline no.

2-Contact Dmart customer care through email.

More information can be found on

What information is required for Dmart Return

The basic information is required while registering your complaint regarding the quality of products. Customer care numbers can be contacted directly for all quality-related issues.  Original invoice, Original products made to be available for all quality-related issues.

I Want Dmart Return Without Bill?

If you want to return dmart products without a bill that is not allowed. But you ask the customer care executive to search for your bills after providing the below details;

  • Bill Date,
  • Bill Amount,
  • Mode of Payments.

All the above information may help to locate your bill & after that, you can initiate your return at Dmart supermarket.

FAQ about Dmart Return Refund & Exchange

Can We Exchange Clothes in Dmart Store?

Yes, you can exchange, but that must be completed within 7 days of purchase.

Does Dmart Ready Provide an Exchange of The Products?

No, Dmart-ready products once purchased can’t be exchanged

Can We Return Items in Dmart Offline Stores?

Products purchased online can’t be exchanged at offline stores.

Can We Return Items in Dmart Offline Stores?

Yes, you can return the items that are purchased from a physical store only.

What is Dmart Exchange Time?

7 Days from the date of purchase 10 AM to 10 PM daily.

Final Words

Today we have shared completed details about Dmart Return Policy & Dmart Refund Policy 2024. You can easily return & get a refund for your products from dmart stores.

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