Dmart Diwali Offers Price List 2023 Details

Diwali is knowing, If you are someone like me who loves shopping from dmart & waiting for Dmart Diwali Offers Price List 2023 then read on.

I have explored all the leading newspapers, YouTube videos, social media & official websites as well.

Just came back from the nearest dmart store in my city.

So, not sharing a complete list of offers that are live for the Dmart Diwali sale in a city near you.

How to Get Dmart Diwali Offers 2023 Price List?

Well, it’s not easy to get a list of offers from Dmart supermarket stores. Unlike Smart Bazaar or other grocery retailers, they have low visibility on digital platforms.

So finding a list of offers is a quite tough task, but not for you!

I have done all the hard work for you & sharing as list with you.

Dmart advertisement on newspaper

Just bookmark our website & visit frequently for updated offers.

  • Food and grocery items up to 45% off
  • Gift products Buy 1 Get 1 Free
  • Indian Sweets & Diwali sweets Flat 50% off
  • Chocolates & Nameen Buy 2 Get 1 Free
  • Diwali special items Flat 60% off
  • Electronics and home appliances Up to 65% off
  • Bed & bath Buy 1 Get 1 Free
  • Kitchen items Flat 60% off
  • Festive special fashion apparel starts at Rs.299 only
  • 7 % Cashback offer from Kotak Mahinda Bank

When Dmart Diwali Sale 2023 Start?

During my last post, I shared that the sale has already started at the stores. Now they are just doing aggressive marketing activity.

Dmart Diwali Dates Details 2023
Sale Start Date1st November 2023
Sale Last Date15 November 2023

The sales & deals started on 1 November 2023 & the offers are live in a store near you.

The last date for the offers is 15 November 2023.

Sharing some images for the Dmart stores for the Diwali 2023 sale. I clicked those images yesterday from a store near my home.

Latest Dmart Price List With Offer

Are you looking for the latest D mart price list for today? Well, as the offers & prices are dynamic below are some reference images from yesterday’s shopping.

Dmart store image ready for festival

Product Price List Dmart Price 
Wonderland Dry Fruits Gift Pack : 500 gms574
Wonderland Dry Fruits Health & Happiness Gift Pack : 600 gms624
Wonderland Dry Fruits Health & Happiness Gift Pack : 300 gms349
Wonderland Prem Dry Fruit Collection : 200 gms199
Wonderland Dry Fruits Gift Pack : 800 gms770
Nutraj Wishes Festive Dry Fruits Pack : 400 gms439
Nutraj Wishes Festive Pack : 300 gms160
Nutraj Wishes Festive Pack : 600 gms575
Haldiram’s Double Joy : 450 gms135
Haldiram’s Royal Celebration : 1.65 kgs462
Haldiram’s Royal Treasures : 1.93 kgs569
Haldiram’s Royal Desire : 1.90 kgs510
Haldiram’s Supreme Joy : 700 gms205
Haldiram’s Lavish Delight : 1.15 kgs325
Haldiram’s Divine Delight : 950 gms270
Haldiram’s Festive Delight : 850 gms233
Haldiram’s Delicious Joy : 450 gms132
Haldiram’s Royal Heavenly Delight : 1.40 kgs378
Haldiram’s Imperial Joy : 670 gms176
Karachi’s Fruit Biscuits : 400 gms129
Haldiram’s Besan Ladoo : 500 gms160
Haldiram’s Soan Cake : 400 gms119
Haldiram’s Soan Papdi : 250 gms60
Haldiram’s Mysore Pak : 250 gms165
Haldiram’s Mathura Peda : 250 gms169
Haldiram’s Dodha Burfee : 250 gms175
Aabad Kaju Katli : 200 gms130
Aakash Besan Ladoo : 400 gms110

Check the latest dmart retail store images,

Dmart Dhanteras Offer List 2023

Dhanteras is an auspicious occasion in India. People shopping for new steel kitchen items & electronics items during this day.

It’s celebrated with joy & prosperity, Dmart is no exception on Dhanteras. In the kitchenware section, they have added a new range, especially for the festival season.

As Dmart is known for its vast range of kitchen items, its steel products range is irresistible.

D mart Dhantera items display at store

Below is a list of D mart Dhanteras sale offers for steel kitchen items.

ProductPrice Range (INR)Dmart Price
Stainless Steel Saucepan1,000 – 2,70050% Off
Ceramic Non-Stick Baking Pan1,000 – 2,70060% Off
Silicone Cooking Utensils Set1,000 – 2,70060% Off
Stainless Steel Tumbler Set1,050 – 2,450Upto 55% Off
Stainless Steel Water Pitcher1,050 – 2,70050% Off
Stainless Steel Lunch Box Set1,050 – 2,70050% Off
Stainless Steel Trash Can1,050 – 3,150Flat 50% Off
Non-Stick Frying Pan1,400 – 3,50045% Off
Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls1,400 – 3,50045% Off
Stainless Steel Tea Kettle1,400 – 3,500Flat 1399
Stainless Steel Cutlery Set1,400 – 4,20045% Off
Stainless Steel Coffee Maker1,750 – 4,200Flat 50% Off
Kitchen Knife Set1,750 – 5,600Flat 1399
Cast Iron Skillet1,800 – 4,90050% Off
Stainless Steel Stock Pot2,100 – 5,600Upto 60% Off
Stainless Steel Wok2,450 – 6,30050% Off
Pressure Cooker2,800 – 7,00045% Off
Stainless Steel Mixing Spoons210 – 560Flat 199
Stainless Steel Peeler210 – 560Flat 199
Stainless Steel Bottle Opener210 – 560Flat 199
Stainless Steel Sink Strainer210 – 560Flat 199
Stainless Steel Whisk210 – 70060% Off
Stainless Steel Can Opener280 – 700Flat 249 
Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter280 – 700Flat 249 
Stainless Steel Potato Masher280 – 700Flat 249 
Stainless Steel Nutcracker280 – 700Flat 249 
Stainless Steel Slotted Spoon280 – 84060% Off
Stainless Steel Spatula280 – 840Upto 55% Off
Stainless Steel Oven Mitts and Pot Holders Set280 – 84050% Off
Stainless Steel Kitchen Towel Holder280 – 840Upto 60% Off
Stainless Steel Cookware Set3,500 – 10,50050% Off
Stainless Steel Ladle350 – 1,050Flat 50% Off
Stainless Steel Grater350 – 1,05060% Off
Stainless Steel Garlic Press350 – 1,05060% Off
Stainless Steel Kitchen Timer350 – 1,05050% Off
Stainless Steel Measuring Cups350 – 84060% Off
Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop350 – 84060% Off
Stainless Steel Cake Server350 – 84045% Off
Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer350 – 84045% Off
Stainless Steel Drinking Straws Set350 – 84050% Off
Stainless Steel Strainer560 – 1,40045% Off
Glass Baking Dish700 – 1,750Upto 55% Off
Stainless Steel Spice Rack700 – 1,750Upto 55% Off
Stainless Steel Lunch Box700 – 1,75050% Off
Stainless Steel Colander700 – 2,100Flat 599
Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers700 – 2,10050% Off
Stainless Steel Kitchen Scale700 – 2,100Flat 599
Stainless Steel Dish Rack700 – 2,10050% Off

Dmart Diwali Price List; Dry Fruits

While roaming around the store during yesterday’s visit if found very attractive offers on Dry fruits.

So, if you are looking for amazing deals & good quality products Dmart is the best choice.

Gift pack dry fruits are mostly used for corporate gifting purposes. Now people have started distributing dry fruits as an alternative to sweets as well.

So check the latest Dmart dry fruits price as given below.

Dmart Dry Fruits Price List; Diwali Special

Dmart Dry Fruits Price ListMRpDmart Sale Price
Premia Badam (Almonds) : 500 gms559347
Nutraj California Almonds : 1 kg1149715
Swaad Badam : 500 gm462310
Wonderland California Almonds : 500 gms725349
Premia Mamra Badam : 200 gms598330
ProV Select California Almonds : 500 gms749359
Nutraj Almond : 200 gms299179
Premia Badam American : 1 kg1028685
Nutraj Cashews : 500 gms699365
Premia Regular Kaju (Cashews) – 320 : 500 gms615389
Premia Kaju : 500 gms604357
Premia Kaju Tukda (Cashews) : 200 gms301170
ProV Select Cashews : 500 gms849350
Premia Kaju Special (Cashews) – 240 : 500 gms662420
Wonderland Cashews : 500 gms770370
Premia Cashew Broken : 500 gms543365
Premia Kaju (210) Premium : 100 gms194110
Nutraj Pista : 400 gms699385
ProV Select California Roasted & Salted Pistachios : 400 gms799399.5
Nutraj Premium California Pistachios (Pista) : 200 gms379249
Nutraj Iranian Pistachios (Pista) : 200 gms449245
Date Crown Fard (Khajur) : 500 gms288150
Premia Red Dried Dates (Kharik) : 500 gms351225
Nutraj Arabian Premium Dates : 500 gms199119
Shamim Iranian Wet Dates : 400 gms200109
Emperor Dates Iranian Muzafati : 400 gms200115
Date Crown Bumaan Dates : 500 gms15085
Emperor Royal Peacock Seeded Dates (Khajur) : 500 gms12579
Premia Black Dried Dates (Kharik) : 200 gms17595
Falcon Aqaba Dates : 500 gms13589
Date Crown Khenaizi (Khajur) : 500 gms252145
Premia Kismis Indian (Raisins) : 500 gms178109
Nutraj Raisins – Kishmish : 500 gms299145
Premia Kismis Black Seedless : 100 gms6445
Premia Kismis Selected (Raisins) : 200 gms225120
Premia Kismis Black (Raisins) : 200 gms12975
Nutraj Daily Walnut Kernels : 500 gms899429
Nutraj California Whole Walnut (Akrod) : 1 kg999499
Premia Akrod Magaj (Walnut Kernels) : 100 gms295140
Nutraj California Walnut Kernels (Akrod Magaj) : 250 gms499259

Dmart Diwali Offer; Cashback Offer

Apart from the product level discounts, this time they have a flat 7% cashback offer.

Kotak Mahindra Bank is the partner for this Diwali season. You should not miss this cashback offer as it’s a golden opportunity to get additional savings on your shopping from Dmart supermarket.

Get flat 7% Cashback Max. Rs.350 on minimum shopping of Rs.4000 from Dmart online or offline stores.

D mart Cashback offer- Diwali shopping

Details about the cashback offer;

  • Offer is valid for once per user only during the promo period.
  • This offer is valid on the minimum shopping value of Rs.4000 only.
  • Applicable formats are Dmart supermarket & Dmart ready online shopping.
  • Cashback will reflect on Kotak Mahindra Bank’s credit or debit card statement only.
  • The cashback settlement days are post 90 days from the sopping date.

How To Save Maximum During Diwalie Sale?

1- Create a shopping list.
2- Check all offers & select the best.
3- Stick with the shopping list.
4-Avoid shopping for unnecessary products.
5- Finally avail the Cashback offer.


During this festival season shop more & save more from the D mart supermarket. Check all the prices of the products as given above.

In some regions online shopping is available, and you can check the latest prices from the online shopping app as well.