Dmart Navsari; Address, Contact Number, Home Delivery & Timings Near Me

Dmart Navsari Gujarat;- This is the new Dmart in Navsari City. Today we will give you full information about Dmart Navsari;- Store Address, Phone Number, Home Delivery Online Shopping Details Full information.

D’mart Navsari Pratiksha Society Store Details

A new store now opened to the public last week. A huge rush was seen during the new store launch in the city of Navsari. Very good grocery stores started in the area. People coming from Navsari and nearby villages are taking benefit of shopping and taking advantage of various schemes and discounts given. The products are fresh and ample space so all could purchase their day to day needs. Parking place is ample and cash counters and billing are also at various places so no crowd.

This grocery store is located near Veeranjali Marg, Alif Nagar, Pratiksha Society, Navsari, Gujarat 396445

Dmart in Navsari city address;- Location of the store given below;-

D’mart Navsari New Store AddressT-832, T-832, Veeranjali Marg, Alif Nagar, Pratiksha Society, Navsari, Gujarat 396445
Dmart Navsari Phone Number+91 22 33400500
D mart in Navsari Home Delivery Number+91 22 33400500

Store Billing Counter Details:- This store has ample billing counter for customer convenience. You can go to any billing counter & get your products billed easily. There are multiple cash counters which help customers not wait in long queues to generate their bills. For the users who plan to fill all items once a month for them, this is the best place to shop.

Dmart Store Floor Details;- D mart Navsari store has multiple floors for your convenience. DMart has its own impression of how they treat customers and how they display its products. In this store each and every item related to household purposes is present. On the first floor, they have an apparel and footwear section which carries clothes for any age of the person.

Dmart Store Competition in the city of Navsari;-

Navsari city is one of the biggest cities in Gujarat. Big retailers have a strong presence in the city. Big Bazaar & Reliance Mall are the biggest competitor for Dmart stores in the city. Now Reliance Smart Bazaar is coming to the city as well.

Dmart in Gujarat, Navsari Products Range

Dmart is a supermarket & offered various products from Grocery essentials to Fashion. Below is the list of products offered by Dmart.


D-mart Store Timings in Navsari near me

If you are searching for dmart store timings in the city of Navsari. Wants to know if Dmat opens today or tomorrow? What are the closing times of dmart near me then read on? Timings of D’mart store for opening & closing are given below. You can check the timings & plan your visit once they start their operations;-

DayD mart Open TimeClosing Time
Monday8:00 AM10:00 PM
Tuesday8:00 AM10:00 PM
Wednesday8:00 AM10:00 PM
Thursday8:00 AM10:00 PM
Friday8:00 AM10:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM10:00 PM
Sunday8:00 AM10:00 PM

How to order online near me in the Navsari, Pratiksha society area?

The online platform for home delivery from Dmart is, you can also download through from their app. Below given is the process for their home delivery;-

D’mart Home Delivery Shopping Process

  • 1-Download the Dmart Ready App from Play Store or iOS Store.
  • 2- Complete the registration process.
  • 3- Select your pin code from the selection menu.
  • 4- Add products of your choice to your CART.
  • 5- Complete the CHECKOUT process.
  • 6- Receive the home delivery at your home.

D Mart Gujarat Online Shopping Offer

As the trend for only shopping is increasing Dmart has started online operations as well. Dmart Ready is their online grocery shopping service name. You can start using the online service by using the online website or using their grocery shopping app.

Navsari D-mart Job Vacancy Details 2022

Is there any job vacancy in the new grocery store? how to get a job in Dmart store? These questions will be answered here. As the operations for the New Alif Nagar store have begun, they required various skilled staff to perform the daily jobs. D’mart provides the best salary package for their staff. Get a job in D’mart Veeranjali Marg’s new store per the below job vacancy details.

  • Store Manager,
  • Floor Manager,
  • Home Delivery Manager
  • Customer Care Manager
  • Floor Staff

Dmart Near Me in Navsari location details;-

Below is the list of areas, from people who were used to doing shopping in the big bazaar or reliance mall stores. Now they have the option to shop from Dmart grocery store in their area;-

Area NamePincode Dmart Nearby Area 
Aat 396403Yes
Abrama 396406Yes
Achhavani 396040Yes
Adada 396445Yes
Agasi 396060Yes
Ajarai 396360Yes
Ambach(Chikhli) 396540Yes
Ambada 396469Yes
Ambapani 396580Yes
Ambheta 396409Yes
Amli Kasba 396445Yes
Ancheli 396310Yes
Antalia 396325Yes
Arak Sisodra 396475Yes
Asna 396415Yes
Astagam 396433Yes
Avada Falia 396439Yes
Bahej 396040Yes
Balvada 396521Yes
Bamanvel 396409Yes
Bartad 396590Yes
Bhatfalia 396310Yes
Bhatha 396310Yes
Bhattai 396427Yes
Bhinar 396590Yes
Bhinar 396436Yes
Bigri 396110Yes
Bilimora H.O396321Yes
Bilimora RS 396321Yes
Bodali 396445Yes
Bodvank 396560Yes
Bori Falia 396412Yes
Boriach 396580Yes
Borsi 396436Yes
Chandravasansupa 396472Yes
Chapaldhara 396570Yes
Chapar 396310Yes
Charanvada 396580Yes
Chari 396040Yes
Chasa 396530Yes
Chhapra 396445Yes
Chhinam 396436Yes
Chijgam 396460Yes
Chikhli  (Navsari)396521Yes
Chokhad 396415Yes
Chondha 396580Yes
Chorvani 396580Yes
Chovisi 396427Yes
Dabhel 396415Yes
Dabhlai 396466Yes
Dambher 396472Yes
Dandi 396439Yes
Danti 396436Yes
Debarpada 396040Yes
Degam 396530Yes
Delvada Vadoli 396436Yes
Devdha 396310Yes
Devsar 396380Yes
Dhaman 396415Yes
Dhamdachha 396310Yes
Dhamdhuma 396060Yes
Dhanori(Gandevi) 396360Yes
Dharampuri 396590Yes
Dholai Falia 396110Yes
Dholumber (Chikhli) 396060Yes
Dholumber 396321Yes
Digendranagar 396570Yes
Dipla Falia 396436Yes
Doldha 396321Yes
Donja 396560Yes
Dubalfalia 396580Yes
Duwada 396360Yes
Endhal 396430Yes
Eru Ac 396450Yes
Eru 396450Yes
Fadvel 396540Yes
Gadat  (Navsari)396350Yes
Gandeva 396430Yes
Gandevi 396360Yes
Gangpur 396580Yes
Gauri 396040Yes
Ghej 396521Yes
Ghodmal 396580Yes
Ghodvani 396060Yes
Gholar 396060Yes
Godhabari 396580Yes
Godthalbo 396060Yes
Gurukulsupa 396418Yes
Hansapore 396445Yes
Harangam 396560Yes
Ichhapore 396350Yes
Italva 396445Yes
Jalalpore 396421Yes
Jamalia 396580Yes
Jamalpore 396445Yes
Jamanpada 396040Yes
Jogvad 396560Yes
Junathana 396445Yes
Kabilpore 396424Yes
Kachholi 396370Yes
Kadoli 396436Yes
Kakadvel 396540Yes
Kakadveri 396040Yes
Kalakachha 396415Yes
Kalamtha 396310Yes
Kaliari 396540Yes
Kaliawadi 396427Yes
Kalthan 396406Yes
Kalvach 396409Yes
Kanbhai 396060Yes
Kandha 396580Yes
Kanera 396460Yes
Kangvai 396560Yes
Kansaria 396580Yes
Kantasvel 396321Yes
Karadi 396440Yes
Kasbapar 396445Yes
Kavdej 396580Yes
Kelia 396060Yes
Kesli 396360Yes
Khadsupa 396433Yes
Khadsupa Boarding 396433Yes
Khakhvada 396350Yes
Khambhda 396540Yes
Khambhla(Vansda) 396580Yes
Khanpur 396051Yes
Khaparia B0 396430Yes
Khaparvada 396321Yes
Kharel 396430Yes
Kharoli 396570Yes
Kharsad 396406Yes
Khata Ambha 396580Yes
Khergam (Ugat) 396469Yes
Khergam 396040Yes
Khergam(Gandevi) 396360Yes
Khudvel 396540Yes
Khundh 396521Yes
Kolva 396350Yes
Kotha 396310Yes
Kothamadi 396445Yes
Krishanapur 396460Yes
Kuched 396475Yes
Kukeri 396560Yes
Kumbhar Falia 396466Yes
Kurel 396469Yes
Kurelia 396590Yes
Lakadbari 396051Yes
Lakhawadi 396321Yes
Limzar 396580Yes
Lusvada 396310Yes
Machhad 396440Yes
Machhia Vasan 396310Yes
Magob Bhatha 396436Yes
Mahudi 396466Yes
Mahuvas 396580Yes
Majigam 396521Yes
Malesar 396445Yes
Maliadhara 396521Yes
Mandavkhadak 396060Yes
Mandir 396472Yes
Manekpore Tankoli 396445Yes
Manekpore(Chikhli) 396560Yes
Manekpore(Gadat) 396350Yes
Mangrol 396436Yes
Mankunia 396580Yes
Manpur 396580Yes
Maroli 396436Yes
Maroli Bazar 396436Yes
Masa 396310Yes
Matvad 396439Yes
Mendhar 396310Yes
Minkachha 396430Yes
Mirzapore 396436Yes
Mogar 396445Yes
Mogravadi 396060Yes
Mohanpur 396310Yes
Molaamba 396580Yes
Moldhara 396427Yes
Moti Valzar 396321Yes
Motibhamti 396580Yes
Motikaarod 396406Yes
Motikakrad 396412Yes
Movasa Falia 396310Yes
Munsad 396463Yes
Nagdhara 396466Yes
Nandarkha 396325Yes
Nandhai 396040Yes
Naranpore 396040Yes
Navanagar 396580Yes
Navsari H.O396445Yes
Navtad 396580Yes
Nogama 396430Yes
Ond 396521Yes
Onjal 396412Yes
Onjal Machhivad 396412Yes
Padgha 396445Yes
Palgabhan 396590Yes
Panaj 396040Yes
Panar 396460Yes
Panikhadak 396060Yes
Parthan 396475Yes
Parujan 396436Yes
Pati(Gandevi) 396360Yes
Patibo 396040Yes
Pera 396418Yes
Pethan 396445Yes
Pinsad 396475Yes
Pipalgabhan 396521Yes
Pipalkhed 396060Yes
Ponsra 396436Yes
Pratapnagarr 396321Yes
Raibor 396580Yes
Ranifalia 396580Yes
Rankuva 396560Yes
Ranverikalla 396560Yes
Ranverikhurd 396570Yes
Ravania 396060Yes
Rethvania 396560Yes
Rumla 396060Yes
Rupvel 396321Yes
Ruzvani 396040Yes
Sadadvel 396560Yes
Sadakpore 396521Yes
Sadlav 396463Yes
Sagra 396445Yes
Salej 396350Yes
Samapur 396439Yes
Samroli 396521Yes
Sandalpore 396475Yes
Sara 396590Yes
Saraiya 396560Yes
Sarav 396406Yes
Sarpore Pardi 396433Yes
Sarvani 396540Yes
Satem 396466Yes
Satimal 396051Yes
Simalgam 396436Yes
Simlak 396415Yes
Sindhai 396590Yes
Singad 396321Yes
Sisodra 396463Yes
Siyada 396540Yes
Soldhara 396521Yes
Sonvadi 396350Yes
Sugar Factory 396360Yes
Sukhabari 396540Yes
Sultanpur 396406Yes
Supakurel 396418Yes
Surkhai 396560Yes
Suthvad 396530Yes
Talavchora 396521Yes
Taliarabo 396310Yes
Tankal 396560Yes
Tarsadi 396418Yes
Tavdi 396445Yes
Tejlav 396521Yes
Thala 396521Yes
Toli 396469Yes
Torangam 396360Yes
Toranvera 396040Yes
Ugat 396469Yes
Umarkui 396580Yes
Umbharat 396436Yes
Unai 396590Yes
Undach Luhar Falia 396325Yes
Undach Vania Falia 396325Yes
Upsal 396580Yes
Vad 396040Yes
Vaghabari 396321Yes
Vaghrej 396321Yes
Valoti 396380Yes
Vanarasi 396580Yes
Vandervela 396540Yes
Vankal (Chikhli) 396325Yes
Vansda 396580Yes
Vanzana 396560Yes
Vasan(Gandevi) 396310Yes
Vav 396040Yes
Vedchha 396472Yes
Vegam 396350Yes
Vejalpore 396475Yes
Velanpore 396540Yes
Vesma 396475Yes
Viraval 396445Yes
Waghai 394730Yes
Zari(Chikhli) 396060Yes
Zari(Vansda) 396321Yes
Zaridungarda 394730Yes


What is the nearest landmark?

Pratiksha Society is the nearest landmark?

Can we use Google pay in the store?

They offer various payment modes for grocery shopping.

Is Dmart Navsari open today or tomorrow?

Yes, this store is open 24*7

Can I get a job in the grocery store?

Contact the store manager or hr manager for the latest job vacancy.

Conclusion;- D Mart stores in Navsari store have captured the local market area. Their nearest catchment is huge. As their other supermarket as well like; Big Bazaar, Reliance & More Supermarket, but Dmart is best.

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