Trading Overview of Dmart Share, Price, and Stock Exchange in India

Trading Overview of Dmart Share, Price, and Stock Exchange in India

Dmart Stock and Share Market Overview

Avenue Supermarts Ltd is the parental D-Mart’s company. Mint reported on Monday, it merged with a leading group of companies that have seen their market income over Rs 1 trillion. Now, dmart has more than 230 stores. Recent store wast launched in Patiala.

According to BSE data, the company’s market capitalization reached Rs100,320 crore in morning trade, with its shares trading at a record high of Rs1,619.95, up 1.68 percent from the previous close.

With a 441 percent increase from the issue price of Rs 299 and a 153 percent increase in market cap since listing on March 21, 2017. It has now surpassed the Rs1-lakh-crore mark. Radhakrishnan Damani, the company’s promoter, recently sold 1% of the company’s total assets to meet the company’s minimum public shareholding requirement.

There are a Lot of Reasons Why Customers Today Prefer Shopping Online:

Purchase or sell Avenue Supermarts stock?

Mumbai Stock Market and Finance report, estimate the future: Avenue Supermarts stock predictions, stock quotes, and buy/sell signals are all available below. Avenue Supermarts’ DMART shares as well as its market environment are in a hopeful cycle since the last year. Stocks in the Consumer Defensive sector(s) appear to be popular right now. Our stock analyst predicts a positive trend in the future. Because DMART shares could be a good place to invest for profit.

What is Dmart share price target?

We suggest this shares in your portfolio because it has a positive outlook. Trading is always easier in bull markets. So you may want to favor these shares in such circumstances, but if you are new to investing, always interpret the best investment strategies. If you are good with money and want to invest, the Avenue Supermarts can be found on the NSE stock exchange.

Customers typically do not leave near the shops they wish to visit, but they now have the option of visiting the shop online.

Past Catalogue on National Stock Exchange of India Ltd about Dmart Share

Should I invest in Avenue Supermarts stock? Should I trade “DMART” stock today? 

According to our live Prediction System, Avenue Supermarts Limited stock best long-term (12-month) investment. DMART stock forecasts are upgraded every 5 minutes with the newest exchange prices by smart technical market scrutiny. Q and A about Dmart plans.

We use technical analysis to forecast future stock prices for a variety of stocks, including Avenue Supermarts Limited (DMART). Avenue Supermarts Limited can be a profitable investment option if you’re looking for high-yielding stocks. In 2021-05-04, Avenue Supermarts Limited quote is equal to 2886.750 INR. The Dmart stock price estimate for 2026-05-01 is 6610.400 INR, based on our predictions of a long-term increase. The revenue is expected to be around +128.99 percent after a 5-year investment. In 2026, your current $100 investment could be worth $228.99.

Historical Data of Dmart Share

  • Market Cap (Previous Close): 1.83 T
  • Price in INR (Previous Close): 2904.000
  • Share Volume (Previous Close): 292,513
  • Price in INR (Last): 2886.750
  • 52 Week Change: 625.800
  • 90-Day Moving Average: 2969.110
  • Beta: 0.1116
  • 52 Week High: 3330
  • 52 Week Low: 1954.85
  • 50 Day Moving Average: 2919.7612
  • 200 Day Moving Average: 2699.8901

Forecast data of D’mart Share Price Today

  • 52 Week High: 3714.780
  • 52 Week Low: 2892.940
  • 45-Day Moving Average: 2945.681
  • 90-Day Moving Average: 2977.010

Queries and Answers about Avenue Dmart Share Price NSE

What is the avenue supermarts stock price/share price in recent times?

The Avenue Supermarts stock price is 2886.750 INR today.

Will Avenue Supermarts stock price grow/rise/go up?

Yes. The DMART stock price increases from 2886.750 INR to 3642.940 INR in 12-month.

Is it money-making to invest in Avenue Supermarts stock?

Yes. The long-term making money is +26.20% in 12-month.

Will DMART stock price fall/drop?

No. See above.

What will be Dmart’s stock price be worth in next four to five years?

The DMART (“DMART”) future stock price will be 6610.400 INR.

Will DMART stock price crash?

According to our inspection, this will not occur.

Will Dmart stock price hit 10,000 INR Price in one year?

Not within a year. See above.

Will Avenue Supermarts stock price hit 20,000 INR Price in a one year?

Not within a year. See above.

Will the stock price of Avenue Supermarts reach 50000 INR in a year?

Not within one-year

Convenience at Dmart Stock Share and Price

 The suitability is the biggest bonus. Where else can you shop while still in your underwear at noon? You won’t have to wait in lines or for shop assistants to assist you with your purchases, and you can finish your shopping in minutes. Online stores allow us to shop at any time of day or night, and they also provide us with a pollution-free shopping experience. There is no good way to buy informational products such as e-books, which are instantly available after payment. Downloadable items ordered online also eliminate the need for any kind of physical goods, which is good for the environment!

Comparisons of prices. It’s a lot easier to compare and find products and their prices online. We can also share information and reviews with other shoppers who have direct experience with a product or seller.

The crowd can be a huge pain during festivals or special this way, you can happily choose online shopping. Also, when there are more people out, it tends to be messier, which can make us feel rushed or hurried. When I’m out shopping, grumpy, annoying, and smelly people irritate me as well. Furthermore, parking becomes a major issue. When you shop online, you can avoid all of these issues.

There is no need to travel. People dislike having to move around a lot to get what they want. Of course, nothing beats the experience of visiting a clothing boutique and buying exactly what you want. 

Why are D Mart shares falling?

Due to various restrictions are imposed on retails stores. D’marts stores are witnessing low footfall. In result people are worrying about the Dmart share.

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