What is Reliance Smart Point Full Details, Offers, Home Delivery

Reliance Smart Point is creating a buzz in the retail world. They have launched their services in Mumbai & some other parts of the Maharashtra area. Today we will discuss Reliance Smart Point their stores, services & delivery point services. They have a very unique concept.

What is Reliance Smart Point?

As said earlier they have very unique concept. They have a network of retail stores spread across the city. They will sell from Grocery to daily essential & Pharmacy to food items. All the products will be served through their online grocery shopping app. Consumer can order directly from their online grocery shopping app or visit the store for the home delivery.

They all are connected to their online platform, from anyone car order the online grocery & get it delivered to their doorstep. Kalyan & Thane along with Navi Mumbai are the area where all their services are fully operational. They have launched all the services as a pilot project in these area.

What is Reliance Smart Point Concept?

The main concept is same-day home delivery of your grocery/daily essentials & pharmacy products. Reliance wants JIO like a successful in-home delivery business, last year they have launched JIOMART, all the orders were fulfilled by Reliance Smart, Reliance Fresh & Reliance Market stores.

They have successfully delivered all the orders in the location where they have above said existing stores. Delay in-home delivery services were the main concern in areas where Reliance stores were not present. To counter the same & be ahead in the competition they receive from Flipkart & Amazon they are planning Smart Point Stores.

Smart Point Concept is Very Qnique-

In offline their main competitor is Dmart Grocery. Setting up smart point stores will give them an edge. As Home delivery is their main focus they will leads in as Dmart has not started fully home delivery services in their retails stores.

Amazon & flipkart provide home delivery services in more that 250 city & serve from their warehouses & home delivery reaches in 2-3 days. Reliance smart point will provide first of its kinds of service. Their strong omni-channel presence will ensure same day delivery, Order from JIOMART & gets delivery from Smart Point stores.

When Reliance Smart Point Stores will be launched Officially?

More than 1200 smart point stores are in pipeline & RIL will launch all the smart point stores across India once they all get operational. They are keen to launch the stores by Mid 2021.

Smart Point Stores Details

Now let’s discuss about the stores details in terms of area/products & services offered by them.

Area of Smart Point Stores;- The area of their new stores will be approx between 800-1500 square feet depending upon the area & city. The small city will have entry-level area of 800 -1000 Square feet & a metro city & the bigger city will have 1100-1500 square feet area.

Product & Services offered by Smart Point Stores: They will offer grocery shopping online through their online shopping app, Offline retail store where customers can visit & complete shopping. They will serve more than 20000 SKU’s from their store.

Delivery Point by Reliance Smart Point: Dedicated home delivery services will be offered through their delivery point home delivery services. Home delivery service will be their main core area.

What are the Benefits of Smart Point Stores?

All the stores are fully operated grocery cum pharmacy store having dedicated delivery point. You get the below benefits when you order from their store;

Free Home Delivery

All the customers will get free home delivery from the smart point stores. You just order your products online or through their store.

Get Minimum 7% Off on Grocery Products

You get all the grocery products on Min. 7% off. Their product range is huge. All the latest products are available in their store so you just place your order online.

Minimum 10% Off on Pharmacy Products

As they are added pharmacy products to their product line. A minimum 10% discount is offered on all the pharmacy products.

Same day Delivery

All the online orders are delivery on same day.

What is Reliance Smart Point Delivery Point Home Delivery?

Delivery Point by smart point if fulfillment delivery point, which is part of Reliance Smart Point Stores. It’s a dedicated home delivery setup that is integrated within the smart point store for last-mile-delivery. The delivery point will serve all the online grocery shopping orders from their online shopping app.

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