What is Dmart Q1 Results 2021? How To Download Dmart Q1 Pdf Result?

What is Dmart Q1 Results 2021? Download Full PDF

Recently Dmart has announced its result for Q1 2021 the Financial year 2021-22. If you want to know what is Dmart Q1 Results 2021? How to download the Full PDF of Dmart Q1 Result from the official website? Today we will give you full details about the Dmart Financial year Q1 results.

Dmart Q1 Results 2021 Full Details;-

This financial result is for the time period of April 2021 to June 2021 Q1 2021. Dmart Company’s total revenue touched Rs.5032 crore, which’s 31.3% on a YOY basis. Last year same period. Last year its total revenue for Q1 2020 was Rs.3833 crore. Dmart has a stronghold on the EBITDA as well they have Rs.221 crore EBITDA in Q1 2021. The Year on Year growth for the same period is 103.2%. Dmart (Avenue Supermarts Ltd.) has added 4 new stores in Q1. Now they have a total store tally of 238. The full store list is given here.

Why Dmart Q1 Results are so Amazing?

The main reason behind the amazing result of Dmart Q1 is due to the low base of last year. As you know that, last year lockdown was imposed in this time duration. The strong result of Avenue Supermarkets ltd has impressed everyone. They have done a good comeback & recovery is far above the market average. During the last lockdown, all the Dmart stores were not fully operational, only a few stores were operational. Dmart has now fully started operating retail grocery stores all over the city. You can find a Dmart store near me from this store list.

How to Download Dmart Q1 Results 2021 Pdf?

Downloading Dmart Q1 Results 2021 pdf is very easy. The company has officially uploaded its statement on its official website. All the earning details along with full details for the Q1 results are uploaded to their website. Download the official statement from their official website. Rather than searching for Dmart Q1 results in 2021 just visit the official website & you can find full details about the results. This is the simple process which you should follow.

What is Avenue Supermarts Ltd. Company profile?

Avenue supermarts Limited has mainly two business models;-

1) Dmart Retail Grocery Business Overview

Dmart is the largest & No.1 grocery retail in India. They run a retail grocery store by the name of Dmart. They follow the strategy of EDLC-EDLP (Everyday low cost-Everyday low price). Its unique concept is strictly executed in all its brick & mortar stores. The success behind this model is the CEO & Managing director of ASL is Mr. Neville Noronha. Dmart offers a Minimum 10% discount on their grocery products. Customers are attracted by their daily discounts & large product line. Full details about their Dmart business model are explained here.

2) Dmart Ready (Dmart Online)

Dmart has gained a strong position in online grocery shopping. They have successfully launched their Online grocery shopping online app “Dmart Ready”. D-mart online app accessible through Android & iOs app store. Dmart.in is their official online home delivery website for the grocery business.

Last year during the same quarter D’mart has launched its online home delivery services across the operation of retail grocery stores. But now they have limited the online grocery service business in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore & Ahmedabad area only. They are planning to launch more cities in the coming quarter. Learn more about How to order from Dmart Online.

Conclusion;- Avenue Supermarts Ltd. (Dmart) has gained momentum now. As you can see in their Dmart Q1 results 2021 Pdf, they have now more than 238 stores in India. D mart store count is increasing every month. As now people seeking good deals & searching for a discount on their daily grocery shopping, D’mat has fulfilled their daily needs. Without spending a single penny on marketing word of mouth is the only key for Dmart grocery stores.

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