D’Mart Nandurbar; Address, Phone Number, Timings, Online Shopping, Home Delivery

D’Mart Nandurbar; Address, Phone Number, Home Delivery Online Shopping Details Full information. Today we will give you full details about the new store of D’mart in Nandurbar, Maharashtra.

D’Mart Nandurbar Store Details

As per the official website of Dmart India, the store has started for the public last month. The store was opened on 1 Jan- 2022 at Darmaraj Nagar. This is the first supermarket in the city in the city one-stop shop for all your grocery needs. It’s is part of the Supermarket retail chain Avenue Supermarts Ltd. They have more than 215 grocery stores in India. Recently they have launched D’mart Nashik in Nashik city.

This is a much-awaited shopping store from D-Mart in the Nandurbar area. They have ample parking space for your vehicle. Now people from the area can experience the shopping from D’mart.

This new store is located near CB Garden, Darmaraj Nagar, Nandurbar, Maharashtra

D’Mart in Nandurbar address:- Dmart store is located as below:-

D’Mart Nandurbar Addressnear CB Garden, Darmaraj Nagar, Nandurbar, Maharashtra 425412
D Mart in Nandurbar Phone Number+91 22 33400500
D’Mart Nandurbar Maharashtra Delivery Number+91 22 33400500

D’Mart Nandurbar Contact Number 

The contact number is given above. You will find their contact number on their bill as well.

D Mart Nandurbar Products Range

The supermarket of Dmart offers various products for your daily & household needs. Grocery items are available at very discounted rates on Dmart stores. Be is Daily grocery items of kitchen items they have everything under one roof. They have a Fashion department in their store, which offers garments & footwear for Mens/Ladies & Kids. Apart from this, they have electronics, luggage, toys & home furnishing section as well. Their product range is huge.


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D’Mart Nandurbar Timings

Timings of Dmart store for opening & closing are given below. You can check the timings & plan your visit once they start their operations;-

DayD’mart Opening TimeClosing Time
Monday8:00 AM10:00 PM
Tuesday8:00 AM10:00 PM
Wednesday8:00 AM10:00 PM
Thursday8:00 AM10:00 PM
Friday8:00 AM10:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM10:00 PM
Sunday8:00 AM10:00 PM

D’Mart Nandurbar Online Shopping Offer

As the trend for only shopping is increasing Dmart has started online operations as well. Dmart Ready is their online grocery shopping service name. You can start using the online service by using the online website or using their grocery shopping app.

How to order online from Dmart near me in the Nandurbar area?

The online platform for home delivery from Dmart is Dmart.in, you can also download through from their app. Below given is the process for their home delivery;-

D’mart Home Delivery Process

  • 1-Download the Dmart Ready App from Play Store or iOS Store.
  • 2- Complete the registration process.
  • 3- Select your pin code from the selection menu.
  • 4- Add products of your choice to your CART.
  • 5- Complete the CHECKOUT process.
  • 6- Receive the home delivery at your home.

Catchment Area Dmart will serve in Nandurbar area

Earlier people from below locations used to visit the other location for shopping. Now people from these below locations will visit the Nandurbar D-mart for grocery shopping.

Dmart Nearby area NamePincodeDmart Service Dmart Nearby area NamePincodeDmart Service 
Kalsadi 425409YesAmbapur 425409Yes
Kansai 425432YesAmlad 425413Yes
Karajkupa 425412YesAmoni 425413Yes
Karanjali 425416YesAnarad 425410Yes
Karanji-KH 425418YesAnjane 425417Yes
Karjot 425444YesAnkushvihir 425415Yes
Katari 425414YesArditara 425412Yes
Kathi 425452YesAshte 425412Yes
Kavlith 425424YesAslod 425444Yes
Khadki 425416YesBahyane 425411Yes
Khanapur 425426YesBamangaon 425419Yes
Khandbara S.O425416YesBamkheda T.T. 425423Yes
Khapar S.O425419YesBandhare 425417Yes
Khekada 425418YesBhade 425409Yes
Khokse 425418YesBhadvad 425416Yes
Kholvohir 425416YesBhagdari 425452Yes
Khondamali 425412YesBhaler 425412Yes
Khuntamodi 425414YesBhandarpada 425426Yes
Kolda 425412YesBhangaranpani 425452Yes
Kolde 425417YesBharadu 425426Yes
Kondhaval 425423YesBhone 425412Yes
Koparli 425411YesBijari 425414Yes
Korit 425412YesBiladi T.S 425410Yes
Kothali KH 425412YesBorad S.O425442Yes
Kudhavad 425432YesBorale 425412Yes
Kukavel 425423YesBorchek 425416Yes
Lahan-shahada 425412YesBrahmanpuri 425409Yes
Lakhapur 425442YesChandsaily 425444Yes
Lokadkot 425432YesChaupale 425411Yes
Londhare 425409YesChikhali 425414Yes
Lonkheda 425409YesChikhali-BK 425432Yes
M-mohida 425409YesChinchpada S.O425417Yes
Mandana S.O425444YesChirkan 425444Yes
Mandvi-BK 425414YesChitvi 425426Yes
Manjare 425411YesChulvad 425414Yes
Mhasawad S.O (Nandurbar)425432YesDab 425452Yes
Mod 425442YesDamrkheda 425422Yes
Mograni 425416YesDavlipada 425426Yes
Mohida 425442YesDhadgaon S.O425414Yes
Mohida TH 425409YesDhaite 425418Yes
Molgi S.O425452YesDhamdai 425412Yes
Moramba 425419YesDhanaje 425414Yes
Mothi-kadvan 425416YesDhanarat 425418Yes
Mubarakpur 425409YesDhaonra 425412Yes
Mundalvad 425414YesDhekwad 425412Yes
Nagziri 425418YesDhong 425416Yes
Nandarkhe 425412YesDhulwad 425412Yes
Nandarkheda 425422YesDhurkheda 425409Yes
Nandurbar Bazar S.O425412YesDogegaon 425416Yes
Nandurbar Kutchery S.O425412YesDongargaon 425424Yes
Nandurbar S.O425412YesFattepur 425432Yes
Natavad 425412YesFes 425423Yes
Navagaon 425418YesGadat 425418Yes
Navapur R.S. 425418YesGangapur 425417Yes
Navapur S.O425418YesGavhali 425419Yes
Nizampur-digar 425416YesGogapur 425424Yes
Pachorabari 425412YesGujarbhavali 425412Yes
Padalda 425409YesHaldani 425426Yes
Palashi 425412YesJainagar 425423Yes
Patibedaki 425417YesJamane 425415Yes
Patonda 425412YesJavde-TB 425432Yes
Pimpalkutha 425452YesJavde-TH 425444Yes
Pimplod 425412YesJune Mohide 425412Yes
Pimpri 425432YesKaharvad 425442Yes
Prakasha S.O425422YesKahatul 425409Yes
Pratappur 425413YesKakadkut 425419Yes
Purushottam Nagar S.O425424YesKakarda 425414Yes
Radikalam 425414YesKakarda 425423Yes
Raikhed 425409YesKalamboo 425410Yes
Raingaon 425418YesKalmadi 425409Yes
Raipur 425418YesToranmal 425432Yes
Raisingpur 425419YesTorkheda 425423Yes
Raj Mohi 425415YesTulja 425442Yes
Rajabardi 425414YesUmarde-KH 425412Yes
Rajvira 425413YesVadali S.O (Nandurbar)425423Yes
Rampur 425432YesVadfali 425452Yes
Ranala S.O425411YesVadfali 425426Yes
Ranipur 425432YesVadgaon 425444Yes
Samsherpur 425412YesVanyavihir 425413Yes
Sarangkheda S.O425410YesVardhe 425409Yes
Shahada S.O425409YesVasalai 425412Yes
Shahada Town S.O425409YesVikharan 425412Yes
Shahane 425444YesVisarwadi S.O425426Yes
Shegave 425416YesWaghale 425412Yes
Shehi 425416YesWavad 425411Yes
Shelti 425409YesSisa 425414Yes
Shinde 425412YesSonare Digar 425417Yes
Shirud-digar 425409YesSongirpada 425412Yes
Sidgavan 425412YesSonwad 425409Yes
Sutare 425412YesSrawani 425416Yes
Talai 425414YesSudarde Digar 425412Yes

Where is Dmart located in the Nandurbar area?

This store is located near CB garden area

Is D’mart Nandurbar Open Today?

Yes, the store has started its operations in the city.

Is there any job vacancy?

Contact the store HR with your updated resume.

Do they accept Google Pay, Paytm, or UPI payments?

No, they only accept Cash & card payments.

Conclusion;- D’Mart Nandurbar store in the city is the first kind of supermarket. As there was no big supermarket like Big Bazaar or Reliance Smart. Now, this big supermarket will give a world-class hopping experience to the customers.

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