D’Mart Pulgaon Durg; Address, Phone Number, Home Delivery Online Shopping Details

D’Mart Pulgaon Durg; Address, Phone Number, Home Delivery Online Shopping Details Full information. Today we will give you full details about the new store of Dmart in Durg Pulgaon area.

D’Mart Pulgaon Durg Store Details

As per the official website of Dmart India, the store has started for the public last month. This grocery store is serving the Pulgaon area of Durg City in Chhattisgarh. It’s is part of the Supermarket retail chain Avenue Supermarts Ltd. They have more than 210 grocery stores in India. With their strong product line & deep discount, they are opening new stores in many cities. This is the first supermarket in the area.

Ample space for parking. The parking it’s the size of dmart itself. The place is spacious. Have loads of counters so as to avoid long queues. The staff is helpful. The only drawback is as its size is huge, small packages of items are rare to see.

This new store is located near Rishabh South city

D’Mart In Pulgaon Durg address:- Dmart store is located as below:-

D’mart in KothrudPulgaon, Durg Chhattisgarh
Dmart Pulgaon Durg Phone Number+91 22 33400500
D mart Pulgaon Durg Home Delivery Number+91 22 33400500

D’Mart Pulgaon Durg Contact Number 

The contact number is given above. You will find their contact number on their bill as well.

D’Mart Pulgaon Durg Products Range

Dmart is a supermarket & offered various products from Grocery to Fashion. Below is the list of products offered by Dmart. Apart from basic grocery items, Plastic, utensils & crockery products have a huge range in Dmart. People love to shop for kitchen times from the Dmart store. Their product range is huge.


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D’Mart Pulgaon Timings in Durg near me

Timings of Dmart store for opening & closing are given below. You can check the timings & plan your visit once they start their operations;-

DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday8:00 AM10:00 PM
Tuesday8:00 AM10:00 PM
Wednesday8:00 AM10:00 PM
Thursday8:00 AM10:00 PM
Friday8:00 AM10:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM10:00 PM
Sunday8:00 AM10:00 PM

D’Mart Pulgaon Durg Online Shopping Offer

As the trend for only shopping is increasing Dmart has started online operations as well. Dmart Ready is their online grocery shopping service name. You can start using the online service by using the online website or using their grocery shopping app.

How to order online from Dmart near me in the Durg area?

The online platform for home delivery from Dmart is Dmart.in, you can also download through from their app. Below given is the process for their home delivery;-

D’mart Home Delivery Process

  • 1-Download the Dmart Ready App from Play Store or iOS Store.
  • 2- Complete the registration process.
  • 3- Select your pin code from the selection menu.
  • 4- Add products of your choice to your CART.
  • 5- Complete the CHECKOUT process.
  • 6- Receive the home delivery at your home.

Catchment Area Dmart will serve in Durg city

Earlier people from below locations used to visit the other location for shopping. Now people from these below locations will visit the Durg D-mart for grocery shopping.

D’mart Nearby AreaPincodeDmart CatchmentD’mart Nearby AreaPincodeDmart Catchment
A O Bhilai 490001YesKanwarkapa 491337Yes
Achaud 491223YesKapasda 490042Yes
Acholi 491771YesKaranja Bhilai 490024Yes
Admabad 491226YesKarela 491223Yes
Ahiwara 490036YesKareli 491331Yes
Albaras 491221YesKaresara 491335Yes
Amadula 491228YesKarhi Bhadar 491227Yes
Anandgaon 491332YesKasahi 491225Yes
Anda 491221YesKasaridih Durg 491001Yes
Andhiarkhor 491337YesKasaunda 491223Yes
Arjunda 491225YesKesra 491111Yes
Arkar 491222YesKestaa 491993Yes
Armarikala 491222YesKhalari 491228Yes
Balod Gahan 491227YesKhamaria 491111Yes
Balod 491226YesKhamaria  (Durg)491338Yes
Balod Town 491226YesKhandsara 491335Yes
Baloda 491226YesKhapri 491226Yes
Balsamund 491335YesKheda 491340Yes
Barbaspur 491222YesKherthabazar 491771Yes
Bargada 491993YesKhobha 491226Yes
Bargaon 491332YesKholjhar 491771Yes
Barhapur 491331YesKhopli 491107Yes
Barhi 491227YesKhudmuda 491332Yes
Basin 491227YesKhundini 491227Yes
Batang 491111YesKhursipar Bhilai 490011Yes
Bathena 491111YesKhursuni 491225Yes
Batrel 491222YesKodekasa 491771Yes
Bazar Dallirajhara 491228YesKodia 490036Yes
Belaudi 491222YesKohka Bhilai 490023Yes
Belhari 491223YesKondekasa 491228Yes
Belmond 491226YesKumhari 490042Yes
Beltara 491993YesKunwa 491337Yes
Bemetara 491335YesKunwa 491340Yes
Berla 491332YesKurda 491335Yes
Bhaisbod 491226YesKurud 490024Yes
Bhandera 491771YesKusmi 491332Yes
Bhansuli 491111YesKusumkasa 491228Yes
Bhanwarmara 491771YesKuthrel 491221Yes
Bharda 491771YesLatabod 491226Yes
Bhardakala 491225YesLawatara 491332Yes
Bharritola 491228YesLenjwara 491332Yes
Bhatagaon 491331YesLimora 491227Yes
Bhatagaon 491223YesLimtara 490042Yes
Bhatagaon 491222YesLitia Semaria 491001Yes
Bhendsar 491001YesMachandur 491221Yes
Bhilai 1 490001YesMahamaya Mines 491228Yes
Bhilai Boria 490001YesMahud 491222Yes
Bhilai East 490021YesMahudajhit 491111Yes
Bhilai Marshalling Yard 490025YesMalvia Nagar Durg 491001Yes
Bhilai West 490009YesMaro 491340Yes
Bhimbhori 490036YesMaroda Bhilai 490006Yes
Bhimkanhar 491771YesMarra 491221Yes
Bijabhat 491335YesMatka 491335Yes
Biroda 491332YesMatwari 491221Yes
Bital 491228YesMau 491340Yes
Borai 491001YesMedesara 490036Yes
Bori 491001YesMines Office Dallirajhara 491228Yes
Borid 491111YesMohan Nagar Durg 491001Yes
Borsi 491001YesMohara 491222Yes
Bortara 491993YesMohbhatta 491993Yes
Bundeli 491888YesMohgaon 491993Yes
Chandanu 491335YesMohrenga 491335Yes
Chandkhuri 491221YesMokha 491227Yes
Chandnbirhi 491222YesMotilal Nehru Nagr Bhilai 490020Yes
Charwahi 491227YesMurmunda 490036Yes
Chaurel 491225YesMurta 491337Yes
Chicha 491001YesNagdha 491340Yes
Chikhlakasa 491228YesNagpura 491001Yes
Chilfi 491993YesNahanda 491771Yes
Chipra 491228YesNandal 491337Yes
Chirha 491337YesNandghat 491340Yes
Chitod 491227YesNandini Khundini 490036Yes
Civic Centre Bhilai 490006YesNandini 490036Yes
Dadhi 491335YesNandkatti 491001Yes
Dagania 491221YesNaragaon 491227Yes
Dallirajhara 491228YesNarayanpur 491340Yes
Darbarmokhli 491111YesNardha 490024Yes
Dargaon 491332YesNarratola 491228Yes
Darra 491227YesNawagaon Bhilai 490006Yes
Deobaloda 490025YesNawagaon Purda 491001Yes
Deokar 491331YesNawagarh  (Durg)491337Yes
Deorbija 491993YesNew Khursipar Bhilai 490011Yes
Deori 491331YesNewai 491107Yes
Deori 491771YesNewarikala 491226Yes
Deurgaon 491993YesNikum 491221Yes
Devada 491111YesNinwa 491335Yes
Dhamdha 491331YesNipani 491227Yes
Dhamna 491223YesNipani Tipani 491223Yes
Dhaneli 491227YesOdia 491335Yes
Dhaur 490024YesOteband 490042Yes
Dondi Awari 491228YesPadmanabhpur Durg 491001Yes
Dondi Lohara 491771YesPahanda 490042Yes
Dudhli 491226YesPahanda 491332Yes
Dundera 491107YesPahandor 491107Yes
Dundera 491225YesPairi 491222Yes
Durg H.O491001YesPalari 491222Yes
Durg Kutchery 491001YesParasbod 491993Yes
Durg R S 491001YesParpodi 491331Yes
Durg Sadar Bazar 491001YesParsada 491222Yes
Fagundah 491227YesPatan  (Durg)491111Yes
Faradfod 491771YesPatora 491107Yes
Fekari 491107YesPatora 491332Yes
Gabdi 491225YesPauha 491221Yes
Gadadih 491331YesPauwara 491107Yes
Gadamore 491337YesPendrawan 491331Yes
Ghoghra 491337YesPendritarai 491335Yes
Ghota 491331YesPisgaon 491001Yes
Ghotia 491228YesPond 491226Yes
Ghotwani 491331YesPratappur 491337Yes
Ghursena 491340YesPurai 491107Yes
Girhola 490036YesPutpura 491340Yes
Gondgiri 490036YesRahud 491223Yes
Gondi 490036YesRajauli 491222Yes
Gorkapar 491223YesRajpur 491331Yes
Gudheli 490036YesRampur 491888Yes
Gudum 491228YesRanchirai 491223Yes
Gujra 491226YesRanitarai 491223Yes
Gujra 491111YesRanka 491335Yes
Gunderdehi 491223YesRasmara 491001Yes
Gurur 491227YesRaunda 491331Yes
Hadgaon 491225YesRisama 491221Yes
Hanoda 491001YesS A F Lines Bhilai 490022Yes
Hardi 491222YesSahaspur 491331Yes
Hardi 491337YesSahgaon 491771Yes
Hasda 490036YesSaja 491993Yes
Hatranka 491338YesSaldha 491993Yes
Hirri 491001YesSalhe 491228Yes
I E Bhilai 490026YesSambalpur 491771Yes
Ibsb Bhilai H.O490001YesSambalpur 491340Yes
Jamgaon B 491227YesSanjari 491771Yes
Jamgaon 491111YesSankra 491111Yes
Jamgaon R 491223YesSankra J 491226Yes
Jamrua 491226YesSantra 491111Yes
Jamul Cement Works 490024YesSarda 491332Yes
Janjgiri 490025YesSector 2 Bhilai 490001Yes
Jawahar Market Bhilai 490001YesSector 3 Bhilai 490001Yes
Jeora 491335YesSector 5 Bhilai 490006Yes
Jeora Sirsa 491001YesSector 6 Bhilai 490006Yes
Jhal 491335YesSector 7 Bhilai 490006Yes
K.Mohrenga 491332YesSector 8 Bhilai 490009Yes
Kachandur 491223YesSelud 491107Yes
Kalangpur 491223YesSemaria 491332Yes
Kamkapar 491771YesShantipur 491227Yes
Kanakote 491221YesSikosa 491222Yes
Kandul 491225YesSinghola 491226Yes
Kaneri 491227YesSirri 491221Yes
Kanhera 491335YesSirsakala 490021Yes
Kanwar 491227YesSmriti Nagar Bhilai 490020Yes
Teligundra 491111YesSonai Dongri 491227Yes
Temri 491340YesSondh 491332Yes
Temri 491001YesSorar 491227Yes
Thanod 491001YesSupela Bhilai 490023Yes
Themabuzurg 491228YesSurdongar 491228Yes
Thengabhat 491335YesSurdung 490024Yes
Tipni 491338YesSuregaon 491225Yes
Tirga 491225YesSurpa 491223Yes
Tumakala 491001YesTamora 491221Yes
Urla 490025YesTaraud 491226Yes
Utai Pedal 491107YesTarra 491111Yes
Utai 491107YesTarri 491227Yes
Vaishali Nagar Bhilai 490023YesTatenga 491771Yes
Vinayakpur 491221YesTavera 491223Yes

Where is Dmart located in the Durg area?

This store is located near Pulgaon bypass road area.

Is D’mart Durg Open Today?

Yes, the store has started its operations in the city.

Is there any job vacancy?

Contact the store HR with your updated resume.

Do they accept Google Pay, Paytm, or UPI payments?

No, they only accept Cash & card payments.

How to reach the store?

Rishabh South city is the nearest landmark.

Conclusion;- D’Mart Pulgaon Durg store in the city is the first kind of supermarket. As there was no big supermarket like Big Bazaar or Reliance Smart. Now, this big supermarket will give a world-class hopping experience to the customers.

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