Check Dmart Holiday List 2023

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Be it an employee of Dmart or a customer we all want to know details about Dmart Holiday List 2023. Being a loyal customer of Dmart for the last 5 years I have details about their holiday list.

So if you are searching for details about the list of holidays of Dmart for 2023 year, you are at the right place. I share every detail for your reference so you don’t have to run here & there to get the details.

What is the Dmart Holiday List 2023?

Before going into details, below is the list of Employee and customer references. The below list is helpful when planning your shopping or travelling to the store.

Dmart Holiday List 2023; For Customers

Holiday means more customers reaching to the store for shopping. During national holidays customers are free to shop & they expect exciting offers from D mart supermarkets.

Most of the stores are open 365 days in India. But still, there are some occasions when they open or close early & late as well.

Date DayHolidayOpen or Close
1-Jan-23SundayNew Year’s DayOpen
26-Jan-23ThursdayRepublic DayOpen
8-Mar-23WednesdayHoliOpen Late –  3 PM
22-Mar-23WednesdayGudi PadwaOpen
7-Apr-23FridayGood FridayOpen
1-May-23MondayMay DayOpen
20-Jun-23TuesdayRatha YathraOpen
29-Jun-23ThursdayBakrid / Eid al AdhaOpen
15-Aug-23TuesdayIndependence DayOpen
31-Aug-23ThursdayRaksha BandhanOpen
19-Sep-23TuesdayGanesh ChaturthiOpen
2-Oct-23MondayGandhi JayantiOpen
24-Oct-23TuesdayVijaya DashamiOpen
28-Oct-23SaturdayLakshmi PujaOpen
28-Oct-23SaturdayMaharishi Valmiki JayantiOpen
12-Nov-23SundayDeepavaliClose Early –  3 PM
15-Nov-23WednesdayBhai DoojOpen
19-Nov-23SundayChhath PujaOpen
27-Nov-23MondayGuru Nanak JayantiOpen
25-Dec-23MondayChristmas DayOpen
31-Dec-23SundayNew Year’s EveOpen

As per the above list, they are open during all the major National Holidays in India.

However, there are some exceptions to the list.

Dmart Holi Timings

Is Dmart open on Holi? Holi is celebrated in various parts of India. If you have a query about whether d mart is open during the Holi Holiday or not then read on.

During Holi Dmart stores open at 3 PM.

Dmart Diwali Timings

During the Diwali holiday Dmat stores close early at 3 PM.

More details about the Diwali timing are given in our last post.

D mart Holiday List 2023: for Employee

Retail business always depends on customers & holidays means more customers. So as per the retail industry norms, all Dmart employees are entitled to national holidays off.

But to encash the national holidays you can either take a compensatory off or get paid leave.

In both cases, the employee may choose from the appropriate option.

Date DayEmployee Holiday Occasion
1-Jan-23SundayNew Year’s Day
26-Jan-23ThursdayRepublic Day
1-May-23MondayMay Day
29-Jun-23ThursdayBakrid / Eid al Adha
15-Aug-23TuesdayIndependence Day
31-Aug-23ThursdayRaksha Bandhan
2-Oct-23MondayGandhi Jayanti
24-Oct-23TuesdayVijaya Dashami
25-Dec-23MondayChristmas Day

Above is the list of D-mart Holidays list 2023 for staff members. All the staff are eligible for the holidays.

Further you can check complete reviews about Dmart Holidays on Glassdoor.

Dmart Diwali Holiday Details for Employee

If you are a new employee, then you must remember that dmart closes its store early at 3 PM during Diwali holiday.

So on the occasion of Diwali, you may expect early closing of the store.

Dmart Timings During Election

During election all the dmart stores follow the local administration rules & regulations. All the retailers follow special timings on election day.

  • Scenario 1- Retail stores open later at 3 PM.


Is Dmart open on Holi for customers?

Yes, all the stores open late at 3 PM during Holi.

Is Dmart open on Diwali?

Yes, Dmart opens on Diwali but closes at 3 PM.


Today we shared completed details about Dmart Holiday List 2023. Whether you are a customer or an employee you can check the above list & plan accordingly.

If you have any queries or feedback, do comment below.